How to Style Your Gold Cross Necklace

Gold jewelry is very versatile and can look amazing in various different styles. If you are someone that likes to wear gold crosses but aren’t sure how to style a gold cross necklace, then don’t worry, because this article is perfect for you! Let’s take a look at how you can take a piece of jewelry that has incredible spiritual and emotional significance and incorporate it into your everyday style and fashion.

1.      Try Out Different Styles of Cross Pendants

The cross pendant can arguably be the most important part of any gold cross necklace. More often than not, it is the pendant that draws the most attention and is the first thing that anybody would notice.

There are many different options for you to consider when it comes to cross pendants. You can go for a simple plain gold pendant or a more embellished one. You can choose between ladies’ crosses, men’s crosses, byzantine style crosses, diamond crosses, crucifix crosses, and more! If you want something a bit more unique or rustic, then handmade gold jewelry might be a great option for you as well.

2.      Try Out Different Styles of Gold Chains

The next part of your gold cross necklace that you can style differently is the chain. While most people would prefer a simple or delicate chain that allows the pendant to be more prominent, you can always add your own twist to the look and try different kinds of chains. A simple chain, a link chain, or chains of different lengths and thicknesses might be more appealing to you. You can also try switching up the colors you choose, whether you prefer yellow gold or white gold.

3.      Let Your Gold Cross Necklace Be the Centerpiece of Your Outfit

A great way to style your gold cross necklace would be to allow the necklace to be the centerpiece of your outfit and plan the rest of your outfit according to the necklace. This means you can have the necklace as the flashiest or only piece of jewelry you wear, or you can try to match other pieces of jewelry and clothing items to the necklace.

4.      Layer Your Gold Cross Necklace with Other Necklaces

If you’re interested in a bolder or more modern look, you can consider layering necklaces. You can pair your gold cross necklace with other necklaces of different lengths, thicknesses, and materials. You can also add on some more pendants or experiment with mixed metals.

5.      Pair Your Gold Cross Necklace with the Right Clothes

If you want your gold cross necklace to stand out and shine, you can wear specific kinds of clothes to do that. You can choose tops with different necklines to compliment the style and length of your necklace. If you’re wearing a simple cross pendant, clothes in neutral colors can help the pendant stand out more. The good thing with gold is that it can be worn with many different colors and materials.

6.      Save It for Special Occasions or Make It an Everyday Wear Piece

And lastly, when it comes to styling your gold cross necklace, you can choose whether you want your necklace to be a staple jewelry piece that you wear every day or if you want to save it for a special occasion. If you’re a devout Christian, you might find that wearing a gold cross all the time helps you feel closer to your religion. On the other hand, wearing a gold cross to Sunday Mass or a Baptism can be a great idea, too.

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