While people have been wearing jewelry for centuries, certain pieces of jewelry have been seen throughout history and do not ever seem to fall out of use. Gold cross necklaces are one such piece of jewelry.

You may have seen many people around you wearing gold cross necklaces, especially if they are practicing Christians. Read ahead to learn more about why gold cross necklaces are so popular and why you might want to consider buying one.

7 Reasons to Buy a Gold Cross Necklace

Gold cross necklaces can hold an immense amount of religious importance and symbolism for some people while being simple everyday jewelry items for others. People may want to buy a gold cross necklace for various reasons. Here are 7 reasons to consider if you have been thinking of buying one for yourself or a loved one:

1.      Religious Symbolism Attached to Gold Crosses

Gold crosses hold a lot of religious symbolism for Christians, and many Christians wear gold cross necklaces to symbolize their faith. The cross represents Christ Himself, the hardships he endured for his followers’ salvation, as well as the ultimate sacrifice he made for them. By wearing a gold cross necklace, Christians believe that they are protected and safeguarded from evil and ill-intent. They also find strength and hope in the symbol of Christ.

2.      Gold Jewelry Gains Value Over Time

Many people buy jewelry, especially gold and precious stones, hoping it will gain value over time and be a source of support in the future if they fall upon hard times. If you want to buy jewelry as an investment, then a gold cross necklace would be a very good option. Unlike other kinds of jewelry, gold always increases in value and is less of a risky investment as compared to buying stocks or dealing in currencies. Even 10 years from now, you can rest assured that your gold cross necklace will retain its value, if not increase it drastically.

3.      A Gold Cross is Gender Neutral

Whether you are specifically looking for a gold cross necklace for women or maybe a gold cross necklace for men, there are quite a few options to choose from. However, it should also be noted that most gold crosses are gender neutral and can be worn by anyone. Men, women, teenagers, and young children can all wear a gold cross necklace.

4.      You Can Choose a Gold Cross Necklace to Suit Your Personal Sense of Style

Some people prefer to wear jewelry that stands out and looks flashy, while other people prefer more understated and simple jewelry. The great thing about gold cross necklaces is that you can find cross pendants in various different styles and can choose one that suits your own personal sense of style.

5.      A Gold Cross Necklace Will Last You Many Years

Gold is incredibly durable. A gold cross necklace will last you many years and will keep its perfect condition through almost anything. Gold does not tarnish, oxidize, or rust. It does not scratch or break easily, and it does not get ruined by heavy wear or contact with water. If you buy a gold-plated cross necklace, it will last you between ten to thirty years. A 14k gold cross necklace will easily last double that amount of time.

6.      Gold Cross Necklaces Make Excellent Gifts for Various Occasions

Another reason why you might want to buy a gold cross necklace is to give it to a loved one as a gift. Gold crosses make excellent gifts for occasions such as baptisms, Easter, First Communions, and more. A cross necklace gift could be suitable for any friend or family member that is a devoted Christian.

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7.      A Cross Necklace Can Become a Family Heirloom

And lastly, you can buy a gold cross necklace to keep as a family heirloom that you can pass down to your children and grandchildren over time. Family heirlooms hold not just monetary value but a lot of sentimental value as well. If you buy a necklace and wear it yourself, only to then pass it on to a family member, they can wear the necklace as a way of feeling closer to you.  Gold cross necklaces can make really good heirlooms because they are very durable and high quality and will last for several decades.


Bottom Line

At the end of the day, if you’ve seen people around you wearing a gold cross necklace and wondered if you should get one for yourself, the answer is definitely a yes! Whatever your reasons for buying it, you definitely won’t regret making the decision.

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