When it comes to a wearable symbol of one’s faith, few are more powerful than the Byzantine Cross – a Latin cross recognizable by its outwardly widened ends.

The most common cross in the Byzantine Empire, one needs to understand the fascinating history behind this period to fully understand why Byzantine Crosses continue to be a sought-after piece of jewelry.

The Byzantine Empire, which existed from 330 to 1453CE, was founded when the Roman Empire split into two separate empires, with the Eastern half becoming known as the Byzantine Empire. Essentially a continuation of the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire ruled most of Eastern and Southern Europe throughout the Middle Ages. It was also during this time that St. Constantine founded its capital city of Constantinople, the largest and wealthiest city in Europe during the time, and the center of this now Christianized state.

As part of their new state of rule, the Byzantines also developed their own political systems, religious practices, architecture, and art, naturally including jewelry. All these new systems, practices and art forms, were a strong reflection of the changing times and the acceptance of Christianity by the Roman Empire. A big part of this? You guessed it: the Byzantine Cross.

It was during this illustrious period that the Byzantine Cross was first imagined, a creation that would go on to become the epitome of power and beauty, and an abiding Christian symbol of faith, spirituality and a belief in the presence of God in everything, every day, everywhere.

This symbolism continues to hold true to this day. Indeed, the Byzantine Empire was the longest-lasting medieval power, and its influence is still clearly present today, especially in the areas of religion, art, architecture and even Western law.

All this historical and symbolic significance aside, there is also a commanding beauty to be found in the Byzantine Cross as jewelry. While wearing one is an enduring show of both faith and strength, it is also a gorgeous item showcasing a confident, assured sense of personal style.

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