Gold Konstantinato necklace in 14K solid yellow

The history of this unique piece of art started when St. Helen found the Holy Cross in 326 AD.

She ordered to cut the cross in two separate pieces and when the sacred shavings were mingled with precious metals, the result was the first Konstantinata.

Nowadays we tend to offer them after the birth or the christening of a child, but also as a gift to our loved ones. The golden coins are now made with various materials including gold and silver. They can be worn around the neck, usually with a gold or silver chain.

14K solid yellow gold pendant ornate with a white gold cross in front and the letters IC XC NI KA (which means Jesus Christ conquers) and the images of St. Constantine and St. Helen holding the cross on the back

Width:  13.5 mm

Weight: 1.60 gr approximately

Style # K6

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