There is far more to the popularity of Evil Eye pendants as jewelry than just their distinctive exquisite appearance.

Undeniably a striking piece of jewelry, whatever format it takes, the Evil Eye pendant as a talisman against evil and curses is taken extremely seriously in cultures across the globe.

A remnant from the very dawn of civilization, at almost every stage of history, people have looked to magical objects such as talismans or amulets to protect them from the unknown – and worse. The Evil Eye pendant, an amulet with a vibrant blue eye symbol within, was created as just such a talisman to give the wearer protection against the evil eye – a curse believed to be cast by a jealous glare or some other negative energy, usually directed towards a person who is unaware, bringing with it evil negative energy and bad luck.

By wearing jewelry as talisman, a powerful protective presence, many people believe the Evil Eye pendant can turn the evil eye gaze back upon itself. In doing so, the Evil Eye provides the wearer with the protection, strength, and vitality to guide them through life’s pitfalls, and aid in harmonious living.

The color most commonly associated with Evil Eye jewelry – a vibrant blue – also plays its role in this powerful protection: blue is the traditional color for good karma, positive energy, and protection against evil.

The Evil Eye as a protective symbol can be found in homes and on people all around the world, in all cultures, and in all faiths. Whether an intricately designed plaque placed above a front door, inset into a doorknob, or, increasingly more commonly, worn as jewelry, the overarching theme is that it has the power to protect against evil.

Regardless of your religious background, belief system, or even just your taste in jewelry, there is something bewitching in the beauty of a carefully crafted piece of mystical jewelry thought to bring the wearer protection, a feeling of security, and good luck.

At Gold Crosses we carry a range of carefully crafted, thoughtfully designed, exquisite Evil Eye pendants and bracelets, all imbued with a belief in its power to make the wearer feel a sense of serenity.

Whatever you are looking for, whatever your style, and whatever your beliefs, Gold Crosses has an Evil Eye pendant guaranteed to catch your eye. Visit our Boston store or shop our selection online for sterling silver 925 Evil Eye pendants and bracelets in white or gold plate, as well as pendants and bracelets in 14K solid yellow gold. 

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