“True gold fears no fire.” While this Chinese Proverb refers metaphorically to the philosophy that “a person of integrity can stand severe tests”, it holds true for the literal meaning of the physical metal too. True gold, top quality gold, like that which our gold crosses are made from, is strong, pure, beautiful, and able to withstand all.

At Gold Crosses, we work with only the purest of metals, moulded and magicked into the most beautiful, meaningful of gold crosses in a myriad of styles, all the while holding true to our philosophy of pursuing the very highest quality craftsmanship.

Simple, delicate gold crosses; bold ornate statement pieces; big; small; classic; crucifix; diamond accented; Byzantine crosses and so much more…

Moreover, we can craft almost all of our crosses in your choice of 14K yellow gold, white gold, or 18K yellow gold.

The Gold Cross is So Much More than Jewelry

Cross jewelry has long been used as a universal symbol of faith, hope, and love among Christians, regardless of denomination. This has made it an ever popular gift, suitable for many religious events, holidays and other celebrations, as well as secular, but no less significant, milestones. The sense of meaning, and caring, attached to the gifting of a cross, gold or otherwise, has immense power, regardless of whether or not you are religious.

Along with the philosophical aspect of gifting a gold cross, the simplicity of its base design makes it perfect for personalization – the addition of an engraving, a birthstone, specific design, or precious gem, can add an even more powerful message to the gift, making it intensely personal and meaningful. What’s more, even when gifted for non-religious milestones, like a graduation, a cross offers a beautiful, powerful symbol for the recipient, symbolizing an inner strength and faith, in both yourself and a higher power, as you enter a new phase of your life.

In short, the gifting, and wearing, of a gold cross is so much more than just a piece of jewelry, a fashion statement. It tells a story of faith and strength, and is a symbol of meaningful love, a daily reminder to the wearer of their inner strength and the support of those who love them, be it a higher power or simply the person who gave it to them.

Types of Gold Cross Jewelry

Whether you are looking for that perfect gift to celebrate a christening, baptism, first communion, birthday, anniversary, graduation or other special occasion, or simply as a gift for yourself, our gold cross selection is almost limitless. And whether you wear it as a talisman, a symbol of your faith, as a personal style choice, or any other reason, a gold cross from Gold Crosses will stand the test of time.

Whatever you are looking for, whatever your style, whatever the occasion, shop our extensive selection of high quality, hand crafted gold crosses and you will find what you are looking for.

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