Beautiful gold pendant necklaces never go out of style and can be worn no matter the occasion. You must have seen a lot of round gold pendants that look like coins all over the world. The gold Konstantinato inspires these pendants.

You might not have heard much about Gold Konstantinato and why such a necklace is so valuable. Basically, the pendant is a modern take on the Konstantinato, a unique kind of religious jewelry. Let’s take a closer look and find out why gold Konstantinato necklaces are so popular and why you should get a custom-made one for yourself.

What is the Gold Konstantinato?

The Konstantinato was a gold Byzantine coin also known as To Nomisma – the coin was first issued in solid gold in 312 A.D. by the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great. The Emperor was responsible for replacing silver with gold as the monetary standard. The coin was the perfect monetary unit because of its qualities. It was made of solid gold with a pre-determined weight and quality that was always guaranteed. This meant that each coin was worth exactly the same amount and could be used and accepted internationally. The Konstantinato was used not just in the Byzantine Empire but also in the East and Medieval Europe.

The largest denomination of the Konstantinato weighed 4.5 grams or 24 carats, and the Byzantine state closely regulated and controlled the weight of the coins to avoid any tampering. All of the Konstantinato coins in museum collections have been weighed to discover that their weight and consistency remained unchanged.

As time went on, the gold Konstantinato was devalued over many iterations. The first Konstantinato that was issued by Constantine the Great had weighed 24 carats, and by the time the Byzantine Empire came under the Palaiologos dynasty in the 14th century, the coin weighed just 12 carats and had lost half of its value.

Why the Gold Konstantinato Is So Valuable

The gold Konstantinato is very valuable today. The first reason would be that the coins are made from solid gold weighing between 12 and 24 carats. Gold increases in value almost every day, and so it proves to be an excellent investment.

Next, the Konstantinato is a big part of history. It comes from the Byzantine Empire and is over 17 centuries old. It carries a lot of weight with it in the form of its history. Although this cannot be represented in monetary value, it is of enormous cultural and historical significance. The Konstantinato also functioned as a symbol of power in the Byzantine Empire and was highly important for the financial and economic stability of the Empire.

To accept a Konstantinato from someone meant putting a lot of trust in that person. The Konstantinato was so widely trusted, in fact, that it was used and accepted internationally.

Custom Made Gold Konstantinato Pendant Necklaces

Over time, the gold Konstantinato was worn as a jewel and was used as a symbol for good luck, prosperity, and a protective charm. The beautiful double-sided Byzantine coin has IC XC NI KA engraved on one side, meaning Jesus Christ Conquers, and Saint Constantine (Emperor Constantine the Great) and Helena engraved on the other side.

The coin used as a pendant is unique, beautiful, and highly valuable. A custom-made gold Konstantinato pendant necklace would make a beautiful piece of jewelry for you or any of your loved ones. Not only is custom-made jewelry unique and valuable, but it also holds significance for the person wearing it.

Our Final Thoughts

It holds a lot of significance that many pregnant women in the Byzantine empire wore these coins as amulets to protect their babies and pregnancy.  It was considered to protect them from the evil eye. Now that you are aware of its importance, you would want to get your hands on such a precious necklace.

If you think that the gold Konstantinato necklace is appealing and beautiful, it would be a great idea to buy one for yourself or a loved one. It is extremely unique, has a vibrant history, is very valuable, will make for a good investment, and will look incredible when you wear it.

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