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Not all that glitters must be gold. And not all jewelry requires sparkle to shine! There is a real beauty in simplicity; indeed, some pieces make all the bigger statement for being paired with a simple, but pretty, chain or understated, but exquisite, leather cord.

At Gold Crosses, we stock a range of fashionable but understated round leather cords in 2- or 3-millimeter widths, finished with a simple, classic sterling silver lobster clasp. Not only are these simply stunning in their own right, but they make for the perfect discreet accessory for one of our exquisite silver or white gold pendants, crosses or evil eyes, allowing those pieces to really shine!

Why choose a leather cord over a chain? It may just be a matter of personal style, it may be an aesthetic choice, it could be a matter of budget, or perhaps the practicality and natural properties of leather appeal. Whatever your reason, you are not alone in preferring leather over other jewelry cords.

The leather cord has actually been a long-time classic in jewelry design, serving as a traditional necklace or bracelet for hundreds of years. Its natural beauty, inherent flexibility, exquisite simplicity, and strength and longevity make leather the perfect choice for jewelry pieces designed to last – both time and trends. What’s more, maintained properly, your leather cord will not age, easily break or deteriorate in looks or function. There’s a reason, after all, that leather has a long history as the material that just won’t quit. In days gone by, until today, leather is used in everything from harnesses, to saddles, to hard-wearing, practical but beautiful sandals, body armors, bags, fashion items, and more! The transition to fashion and, ultimately, jewelry, was all but inevitable, and today’s range of stunning jewelry using leather is testament to both the enduring nature of this material and its simple, natural beauty.

At Gold Crosses, we keep our leather cords simple, allowing your statement jewelry pendants to be the star of the show. The rounded shape of our leather cords are also absolutely perfect for easy threading of pendants, serving as a classic, understated, simply stunning addition to your jewelry selection.

Whatever you are looking for, whatever your style, whatever your budget, we have a unique jewelry item perfect for you. shop our extensive selection of exquisite cross, clover, evil eye and other pendants, in a variety of precious metals and stones, then pair them with one of our simple leather cords to allow the statement piece to really shine!

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