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The first leaf represents hope. The second, faith. The third is for love, and the fourth leaf… Well, this is the one the clover is known for best: the fourth leaf brings luck to the finder.

All the luckier if the finder finds a four-leaf clover carefully crafted from sterling silver 925, black onyx, mother of pearl or purple cat’s eye stones, and adorned with sparkling cubic zirconias, like those discovered at Gold Crosses!

Popular in folk tales and traditions, the pretty, petite four-leaf clover comes with a whole host of special meanings and attributes. All of them, though, center on the belief that this magical little pea plant is a symbol of happiness.

Here at Gold Crosses, we have an exquisite range of delicate clover pendants to help you reap the rewards of finding a four leaf clover.

Whatever you are looking for, whatever your style, whatever the occasion, whatever your budget, shop our extensive selection of simple, delicate, exquisite clover necklaces in black onyx, mother of pearl or purple cat’s eye stones to find your perfect match, along with that little bit of magic the clover represents.

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