While men’s jewelry may not seem as popular or readily worn and available as women’s, the menswear market is witnessing a fashion revolution. Be it rings, bracelets, or necklaces, men’s jewelry trends changes quite often, but at the end of the day, certain staple pieces of jewelry can always be seen worn by different kinds of men. One such staple piece of jewelry is the gold cross pendant.

Read ahead for a complete guide to men’s gold cross pendants.

Different Kinds of Gold Cross Pendants for Men

Men’s necklaces are very popular nowadays. Some men prefer to wear just plain chains, whereas others prefer to include pendants. Let’s take a look at the different kinds of gold cross pendants for men to choose from, depending on what style they prefer and what kind of pendants they think will suit them best.

1.      Yellow Gold Cross Pendants

Yellow gold cross pendants are perhaps the most popular kind of cross pendants for men. Yellow gold is highly valuable, very durable, and a commonly accepted style. Some men prefer yellow gold cross pendants because of their value or the status symbol they can represent. Others may prefer them because they are more common. If you like understated jewelry that looks good and is valuable but does not stand out too much, then this would be a good option for you.

2.      White Gold Cross Pendants

Yellow gold can sometimes be a bit flashy or clash with certain clothes and skin tones. A great alternative is a white gold men’s cross pendant. White gold is actually more valuable than yellow gold and is just as strong and durable. For a classier, understated look, a white gold cross pendant would be ideal.

3.      Silver Cross Pendants

A silver cross pendant can be the right piece of jewelry for you if you’re after a slightly cheaper but still valuable option. Silver jewelry holds cultural significance in many parts of the world, and some people believe that it helps regulate your mood and energy, too. All the more reason to try a silver cross pendant for yourself!

4.      Byzantine Style Gold Cross Pendants

Byzantine jewelry, a style of jewelry inspired by the Byzantine era, is very beautiful, detailed, and intricate. If you are someone that does not like simple jewelry and would prefer something that stands out, then a Byzantine-style men’s gold cross pendant might be the perfect option for you. This kind of engraved pendant would work great for special occasions, too.

5.      Diamond Cross Pendants

Diamonds aren’t just a woman’s best friend! As a man, you can wear a cross pendant encrusted with diamonds if you prefer the look. Diamond jewelry can also be an excellent status symbol and a great investment, too.

6.      Celtic Designed Cross Pendants

Celtic style jewelry is often Scottish-inspired and consists of Celtic knots in the design. These knots can look very intricate and beautiful and add a new dimension to plain or simple cross pendants. Much like the Byzantine-style cross pendants, these pendants are a lot more intricate and stand out from other, simpler designs.

7.      Eastern European Orthodox Style Cross Pendants

Eastern European Orthodox style cross pendants are embellished pendants preferred by Orthodox Christians. These pendants have a beauty of their own and hold a special sentimental and religious value that can be hard to replicate.

8.      Greek Key Style Cross Pendants

The Greek key pattern is a popular choice for men’s gold cross pendants because of the masculine vibe of the pattern. Many men prefer this style, and it suits men very well.

9.      Crucifix Cross Pendants

And lastly, we have men’s gold cross pendants with the crucifix. This design has the body of Christ depicted on the cross. Men who are more religiously inclined might prefer to wear this style of cross pendant.


Our Crucifx Cross Suggestions:

Gold Crucific Cross Pendant GC599

Gold Cross 599

Gold Crucific Cross Pendant GC598

Gold Cross 598 1

Gold Crucific Cross Pendant GC597

Gold Cross 597 1

Gold Crucific Cross Pendant GC596


Gold Cross 596 1

The Bottom Line

There are many different styles to choose from for men’s gold cross pendants. Each styles we have mentioned above has its own appeal and attractive qualities. If you are unsure about what style might suit you best, you should consider trying different options or consulting a jewelry seller for their professional opinion.

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