Like many other occasions in life, a person’s first communion is a memorable event and should be celebrated. The 1st communion is usually considered a significant milestone in a Catholic child’s life. If a child in your life is about to or has just taken their first communion, you may want to celebrate the occasion with a gift!

Read ahead to learn more about just how important the first communion is and what kind of a gift would be well suited for such an occasion.

The Important of First Communion

After the baptism, the 1st communion is the next sacrament initiating a child into the Catholic faith. It is the first time the child can participate in the Holy Eucharist, which is a crucial part of Mass. Some reasons why the first communion is considered so important include:

It is the First Eucharist

The Holy Eucharist is the part of the Catholic Mass that symbolizes the presence of Jesus Christ in the church. The bread represents His body, and the wine represents his blood. When a child takes communion for the first time, it is meant for them to accept Jesus Christ as a part of their lives.

The Soul is One with the Body of Christ

While baptism is the first time children are welcomed into the Catholic faith, it is the first communion where a child consciously enters the community and becomes more aware of their faith. When the child eats the bread and drinks the wine, their soul is bonded with the body of Christ.

It is an Important Sacrament for Catholics

A person is not considered fully Catholic with the sacrament of the 1st communion. The baptism is when the baby is absolved of all sin, and the communion is the Sacrament of Reconciliation, where the child goes for their first confession. It represents healing or cleansing of the soul from sin.

It is Something to be Celebrated!

Many Catholics feel the presence of Jesus Christ during the sacrament, which is why it is considered a celebration of faith and devotion. Once a child has had their first communion, they are fully a member of the Catholic church, which is something to be celebrated! And a celebration calls for gifts.

First Communion Gift Ideas

If any child in your life is about to take their 1st communion, it would be a very special occasion to get them a gift. Here are some 1st communion gift ideas to consider:

Gold Cross Necklaces

A gold cross necklace would be the perfect way to finish getting ready for the first communion. Girls often wear white dresses while boys wear a suit with white accessories. Not only is a gold cross pendant a symbol of the Christian faith and the sacrifice of Jesus, but it is thought to offer peace and protection. Receiving a gold cross pendant or a gold cross necklace to wear during the first communion can be a very thoughtful and beautiful present.

Crucifix Necklaces

While a cross pendant is simply in a cross or a T shape, the crucifix is a bit more detailed and has the body of Christ depicted on it. A crucifix gold necklace would make a wonderful gift for a child on their first communion and might help them feel more in touch with their faith. It can be a beautiful symbol to wear and have close as their soul becomes one with the body of Christ. The crucifix necklace can be worn well into their lives and represent their faith as they continue to be a part of the Catholic church and participate in the Holy Eucharist.

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